All I Want For Christmas

I almost had to work for Christmas this year. With all the personnel changes we’ve had in the past month, I was scheduled to be on standby in case they were going to be short. But since I worked Christmas Eve, I made sure that the census was clean and the count doable for even just two people. And sure enough, I was able to get Christmas day off!

And it was absolutely amazing hearing her walk from her room to ours in the morning and exclaiming that it’s Christmas! She asked if we thought that Santa came after all. I then showed her the picture from the “Santa Came” app of Santa walking in the front door downstairs. She exclaimed, “It’s Santa! He came.” She then asked why we didn’t wake her up, and I had to tell her, “Santa is so fast. Even I’m surprised that I got a picture of him.”

So what did Santa get her? A Nintendo Switch! To which she said, “I’ll share with you, Mom. Since Lola (her grandma) gave yours away without asking you when you were little.” (It was my Nintendo Game Boy that I thought I had lost that my mom gave away to someone in the Philippines when we went home. HAHA!)

Next, she opened her presents from her godmother Kristin and her Tito David (Kristin’s boyfriend). She was so excited about everything, especially the piano books. She wasn’t too sure about the “Learn To Speak Tagalog” yet, but she will once we start having her use it so she can speak Filipino. 😉

Then she opened her present from her adult “best friend” Tita Mabel, who had gotten her so many different presents that we didn’t know about! Not only did she get this backpack, but she also gave her a purple watch and a purple pom keychain for her purse.

Then, she opened her present from my in-laws.

About a month ago, while we were shopping for presents, she saw a gingerbread kit at the store. I told her that I didn’t think I was going to have Christmas day off, so maybe we can do one after instead. She was sad and asked me why Daddy and Mommy always have to work. I told her that all the things that she needs and wants are possible because Mommy and Daddy work. So when she saw the gingerbread box yesterday and found out that Mommy actually had Christmas off, she was ecstatic.

It’s both our first time making a gingerbread house, so there was an “epic fail” (as Mia described it) in the beginning when we ended up putting the roof as the wall base. We couldn’t get anything else to fit after that, and I actually had to google how to put it together. There were no instructions on the box, and I’m sure if we actually knew what they’re supposed to look like, I would have done a better job than the start that we had. But it worked out! And she’s excited about it. She’s already informed everybody that they are not to touch it or eat it. LOL!

And, of course, the other “baby” in the family couldn’t be forgotten. His friend Georgia (my brother-in-law’s dog) got him some treats, and so did Daddy Gian. Mia got him a frisbee that hopefully they can play together when it’s not as cold (which is probably tomorrow in South Texas), his Lolo & Lola (my parents) got him a new bed & blankie, and Mommy got him a cool new denim vest for colder days. He especially enjoyed the treats!

The Women’s Hospital Case Management team had a mini Christmas party. These are the people that I work with at the hospital, day in and day out, and are such a great group of women who just make work flow easier – especially on those busy days when you just want to throw in the towel and go home.

And of course the “RAHORGV” group. We joke around that if we had a reality TV show we’d be called the “Real Asian Housewives of the Rio Grande Valley” — which we shortened to that acronym because it was too much of a tongue twister. These are “my girls” and my husband’s “boys” and my daughter’s “besties” who I know I can count on when things get tough.

I’ve always been a bit envious of bigger city style bloggers. I would see their blogger meet ups and parties on their blogs and on IG, and I would always wish that our RGV bloggers group was cohesive like theirs.  It all started with Indigo PR, who helped brought us all together. But when one of the RGV bloggers (@runwayteacher) contacted me about the idea of having a little RGV Bloggers Christmas Party get together, I was beyond excited! I knew I wouldn’t be much help because of my current work schedule, but I made sure to ask my husband for one night off from Mommy duties in order to attend. Our theme was black and white, and we had a white elephant gift exchange that went off without a hitch. We had some people who “stole presents from others”, but it was a very civil exchange. We were all happy with the presents that we ended up with by the end of the game.

I was so glad that we were able to bring a few of the RGV bloggers out together. There are a lot of us out there, and since our area is new to the blogging world, it was great to get together and discuss topics with people who knew exactly what I was talking about. Topics such as engagement and followers and tips and tricks of the trade were exchanged, as well as discussions about more personal topics like family life and school finals. I was very ecstatic when I realized that although Robin prepared some games that would allow for us to get to know each other (as sort of an icebreaker), it was not needed after all. We all talked and laughed and had amazing conversations as though we’ve all known each other for years. I can’t for the next get together. I hope it’s soon!

With that, I quote this: “Other women are not my competition. I stand with them. Not against them.”

We all use different platforms and have different styles with different personalities, but we are bonded in the fact that we have a passion for sharing our thoughts and ideas about life & style with the rest of the internet world.  It’s this commonality that has brought us together and hopefully, that bond is strengthened in order for all of us to succeed.

Then you’ve got the “Bisdak” crew. Our parents started the tradition to have a party every year almost two decades ago, and we soon followed suit. This was before we all had kids, and even before we graduated high school. Now, we’re all professionals with a hectic schedule, as well as children (some of us). So it’s always fun to have a fellowship where we can talk about all the crazy things that has happened through the year, and exchange some presents while we’re at it. I think the most fun we had was watching all the kids opening their presents (and their matching items) and dancing to Despacito because they had just eaten all the chocolates and candy canes from their goody bags!

And, of course, family. What can be said about family? The people you can be brutally honest with, and the people who you will support no matter what. These are the people that can tell you what you need to hear, and bring you up when you’re feeling down. We were missing my two nieces (who went to North Carolina to spend Christmas with their dad) this year.

GIMA – Gian & Margaret – it was our “loveteam” name, and it is now my daughter’s middle name “GIMAthea.” I call them my tribe, my team, my babies. We had a “message shirt” theme for one of our parties, and we thought what better shirts to wear than shirts with quotes from our favorite Christmas movie: Home Alone. It was only right to do the infamous pose as well.

And finally . . . watching “The Preacher’s Wife” after opening presents and eating breakfast. We’re just waiting for my parents to come over now so that we can all “chill” together.  And with that, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday with whoever you’re spending it with. And if you don’t have anybody with you right now, I’m throwing some love your way!

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