An Epiphany of Sorts

OUTFIT DETAILS ON ME: Shoes: Unisa via DSW | Leggings: Forever21 | Top: Macy’s | Coat: Forever21 | Bag: Kate Spade | Cape: Forever21

OUTFIT DETAILS ON MIA: Shoes: Michael Kors | Jumper: Gap Kids | Sweater: Forever21 | Coat: DKNY| Leggings: Oshkosh | Hat: DHR Sale

We’re back home from our mini new year getaway, and I am absolutely beat! I have the dryer going right now, and I finished unpacking the luggage. However, I am procrastinating on actually folding the clothes and putting it away and clearing up everything else. I am also putting off taking down the Christmas decorations, so what better way to do both than to write a blog entry! 😉

My poncho is from Forever 21, and I was excited when I saw that it was priced down to $7. I was even more excited when I saw the sign on top of the rack that said “buy one get one free.” That excitement quickly disappeared when I couldn’t find a single item to be my “free” one. I think I’m finally at that point in my life when I know what I need in my closet, and if it’s not on my “to get” list, it doesn’t matter how marked down an item is — I will not get it. But in this case, I had no choice because it didn’t matter if I got another item or not, I was still going to purchase this poncho, and I was still going to get a free item and if I didn’t get one, the deal would be a waste. I don’t know if that made sense, or if I’m just trying to justify the item that I ended up choosing. Anyway, to make a long story short, I was really happy with this poncho. The other one that I got for free with it — not so much. But maybe if I style it differently, I might like it some more. Stay tuned for that poncho OOTD.

What was my point with that long-winded story? I don’t think I had one. Oh yes! I remember now. Go check out Forever 21. You’ll never know what kind of goodies you might find on their sale / clearance racks. It’s even better when they have their BOGO sales — which has been happening quite a bit.

The second point I was trying to make is . . . if something is not for free, don’t purchase it just because it’s been marked down a lot. If you don’t really like it and are only purchasing it because it’s on sale, chances are, you might not use it. There’s only been a few exceptions to this rule, and more often than not, I’ve had items in my closet with the price tag still on that I sometimes question why I even got it to begin with. And only then when I look at the tag and see the sale price that I remember, “Oh yeah, I got it because it was on sale.”

And right now, it’s so easy to be tempted, especially with all the after holidays sale. Believe me, when I got the notification for Loft, Zara, and Nordstrom, I pounced and had so many items in my bag ready for me to purchase. But I ended up just choosing one to two items from each store because even though the other items previously in my cart were a good deal, I realized that deep down inside I knew that they were going to be those items that I keep in my closet only to forget about or wear once and question why I even bought it.

Wait a minute, would this be a new year’s resolution?

I guess we’ll see . . .

One more thing! I included a few pictures of my mini and hubs since we decided to sight see at the Oasis on Lake Travis. It was a very nice place, just don’t visit when it’s 20 degrees outside, and the people with you are not a fan of cold weather. 😉 Judging from the pics, you assumed correctly — my daughter loves cold weather. She was taking pictures left and right while drinking her hot chocolate. Her cousins and grandparents, on the other hand, were less than enthused.


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