Because Honestly

“Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.” – Thomas Jefferson.

I’ve always been weary about purchasing items simply because a blogger or a celebrity endorsed it. I keep thinking, they probably feel like they need to say nice things about the item — even if they don’t feel that way.

So when I started blogging, I made sure that I would never give a product a great review if I didn’t like it. That wouldn’t be fair to my viewers, and because I’m just starting out, my followers aren’t as abundant as the other bloggers out there. To be honest, I feel like we’re just buds who talk about things that we happen to like — be it about make up, fashion, mommy stuff, etc.

But when I browsed Pink Blush‘s website, it was so hard to pick just one item! I had so many on my list that I even ordered something else before the first package arrived.

And when they arrived, it made it so much easier to do a blog post and genuinely say that I absolutely adore everything I’ve gotten. They really are perfect for mothers on the go and mom to be’s. Now, don’t get me wrong. They’re great pieces for non-mothers also, but as a mom, I can attest to the comfort that they possess and wearability for other moms!

Like this dress, for example. It’s perfect for days when you feel like your mom pooch is just coming out full force. It could be from feeling bloated to having a little bit too much cake at a party, so having a loose fitting dress always works. But on the good days when you feel like you want to show off the waist line you know you still have, you can belt it and it also works well.

I kept the rest of the look monochromatic — black everything — so that the focus will be on the print of the dress. I wore this to the beach, and it was perfect!

Here are the outfit details:

  • DressPink Blush
  • Belt: Old Navy
  • Cardigan: Old Navy
  • Shoes: Target
  • Bag: Michael Kors
  • Shades: Oscar de la Renta

xoxo, Maggie