Comfort Zones

I like comfort zones. I’m not a thrill seeker. My husband loves to ride roller coasters, and he’s always asking if I would be willing to go sky diving. My answer is always the same: “No.” Besides the fact that I’m afraid of heights, I just don’t feel the same type of excitement they feel when they’re in that situation. It might be boring, but it just puts me at ease. And I like being at ease. 

The same thing can be said when it comes to my style. When I was younger, I did ride roller coasters and do things out of my comfort zone. Why? It was honestly because of peer pressure. Everybody  was riding the Boomerang (Fiesta Texas), and I didn’t want to be the only one not participating. They would all make inside jokes about how the ride went, and I wouldn’t know the feeling! The sense of “fear of missing out” actually let me push things past my boundaries and actually try the ride. 

I was the same way with my style. When the color blocking trend came out, I faced it head on. I was mixing bright yellow with orange and fuchsia and violet like nobody’s business. I even wore lime green paired with fluorescent yellow. Now that I’m older, I know how to say no to things that I’m not that comfortable doing. I can say “no” to roller coasters, and I can say no to certain trends that I may not be that comfortable wearing. With clothes though, it’s not the same level of apprehension as it is with riding roller coasters, but a simple thing like wearing bright colors or rocking a mini that might show more than what is needed to the world at any time can still cause uneasiness. So in an attempt to somewhat break the monotony but still be close to my comfort zone, I’ve decided to try some trends and try to wear color again. 

When I first logged onto the xomandysue website, I didn’t know what to expect. Flash forward 4 items later, and I still have my eye on a couple more. They have a great mix of neutrals and eye popping. The top I’m wearing is actually a great representation of that. The navy blue stripes mixed with the bright flourescent orange shows that mixing one extreme with another might just work. I can still stay within my comfort zone with the blue but delve a little into the other side of the spectrum with the orange. The sleeve length also sold me to the fact that the top can work for both summer and winter. 

The dress included one of my favorite trends – pompoms. It’s so subtle though. If you look close enough, you see it on the end of the sleeeves and other places on the dress – small, black mini poms to make an otherwise run of the mill floral dress into something chic and new. My only concern with the dress is the length. I would have liked for it to be a little bit longer, but it’s nothing that some black workout shorts underneath or leggings in the fall can’t fix. (For me, personally, so that I feel more comfortable to move around.) 

With that said, I have two more items pending arrival at this time. There’s an off the shoulder dress that I’m planning to wear to a wedding and another casual top that I can wear for the remainder of the summer. (Or year round, since it’s always “summer” here.) 

Here comes the best part!

If you like anything you see, or if you want to go check out the site, you can purchase these items and get a 25% discount by using “MAGGIE25” at checkout. ☺️ So go check out

Here are the outfit details:

Look #1:
Shoes: Avec Les Filles
Dress: XOMandySue
Bag: Fein&Cici

Look #2:
Top: XOMandySue
Shorts: Forever 21
Shoes: Target
Bag: H&M

Look #3:
Top: XOMandySue
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: Target
Bag: H&M

xoxo, Maggie