Feeling Parisian

OUTFIT DETAILS: Shoes: Tahari via TJ Maxx  | Jeans: c/o Curve Appeal| Top: Loft | Bag: Kate Spade | Earrings: DHR Jewelry Sale

People often ask me why I feel the need to work 20+ days straight. There’s always the money question or the why do you that to yourself sentiment. So let me give a little background information. I pride myself in being a team player. What does that mean? Even though I’m a working coordinator for the case management team at my local women’s hospital, I like to know everything that’s going on in every department in my facility. From the premature babies in the neonatal intensive care unit to the postpartum moms after delivering to the women who have had to undergo a hysterectomy. And even though I am also in charge of the peri-operative department reviews, I take pride in knowing how to multi-task and help out in other areas — like the denial team — as well.

With that said, we recently had staffing changes in the hospital. The past team member resignations were no longer replaced, and with our luck, someone resigned a week before the holiday season officially started. Holiday season meaning: school is out and the staff members with children are off on their out of town vacations. Since this occurred, we have been extremely short.  And since I pride myself in being a team player, I opted to fill in during the days when we’re short — which, at this time, is mostly everyday. That’s why I’m on at 28 day work stretch until December 31st.

Hopefully, 2018 will bring in some changes, and I won’t have to do too many days in a row then. 😉

Due to my long stretch of work, my outfits have leaned more towards comfort and “speed” — meaning: “How fast can I put together a look for when I oversleep and have to rush to work without having to resort to scrubs?” Don’t get me wrong. I love my scrubs. They’re a great back-up. For days when I really can’t think straight in the morning before my coffee, I can just default to wearing them to work.  But for the most part, since I am a “style blogger,” I try to get dressed in civilian clothing when I go to work.

Yesterday’s outfit was definitely a comfort + speed choice. I wore my favorite Curve Appeal black jeans. They’re a great alternative to black slacks and are so easy to cuff at the bottom. They are also very comfortable and have the perfect combination of stretchy yet stiff to keep all the leftover “mommy” belly in check.  I decided to combine it with two new items that I got this week. The first one being my top from Loft. After I kept getting the “50% off” email from the company, I finally checked it out to see if an item would catch my attention. To my surprise, I had more than 10 items in my cart by the time I looked through the sale section. I was able to get it down to 3 before finally purchasing it. The items arrived within 2 days, and this top is one of those 50% off item. With the sale, the price went down to a whopping $9.99. I’m pretty sure it’s still available, so if you want to get it, use the code: “MYHOLIDAY” when checking placing an order.

The shoes were a find at TJ Maxx. The only complaint I have about it is that it needs to be broken in properly. I had a cut on the left side of my left foot because of the constant rubbing of the patent material. My right one did not have the same issue, so I’ll just have to make sure I apply the proper gel (or bandaid) so that I can continue wearing it until it’s completely broken in for wear.

You might be wondering, “What’s with the title?”

Well, when my husband first saw my outfit (he’s still asleep when I leave the house for work), he asked, “So, are we going to Paris today?” I’m so proud of him for even knowing that the look I was actually going for was indeed “Parisian chic.”

. . . But I really would like a trip to Paris for a Christmas present. 😉