Florals w/ Burlington

OUTFIT DETAILS: Shoes: Gianni Bini via Dillards | Pants: Old Navy | Sweater: Burlington | Belt: Gucci | Bag: Kate Spade | Sunnies: Old Navy

I’ve been a fan of Burlington for quite some time now. I mean, a store with everything and anything that you could possible find? It’s all in once place, so it definitely makes it easier. I can shop for myself, for Mia, for hubs, for Kobe, and for anybody else that I might need to do so. The best part? It’s all marked down! Now, y’all know me by now. I am not one to shun an item simply because it’s “past season” or because it was a trend from two years ago. I think at this point in my life, I’ve learned what works for me, and what I can try and get away with, and what I can’t. And if it was “trendy” two seasons ago, but it works for me, I will resurrect that trend if needed.

Burlington is also a great place to find shoes! That’s really one of the reasons why I go there all the time. I get lost in the shoe section. I mean, they carry brands like Steve Madden, Betsy Johnson, Kate Spade, etc. I also like to get Mia’s Michael Kors shoes from there because they have a good selection, and it’s so affordable compared to other places. After the shoes, I like to check out the racks of clothing items. And in one of those racks, I found this sweater. At first, I wasn’t too keen on getting it. It has a really thick material, and when I first saw it, we didn’t have the “winter” feels in my hometown like we do now. But when I took a closer look at the embroidery and saw how intricate and gorgeous it was, I figured, “Hey, maybe it’ll get cold enough for me to wear this.” And sure enough, it did, and I wore it — and this is the look.

I feel like with this kind of sweater, I should probably keep everything else simple, so I went with my trusty black jeans, ripped for an added oomph, and these boots that I haven’t worn in a while. I bought these boots before I got pregnant with Mia, so they’re quite old. And it was with these boots that I realized that I don’t fit a lot of my older shoes PM (Pre-Mia) anymore. And since I cleaned out my closet recently as part of the “new year” to do list, I realized I might have to do the shoes next. Last year, I got rid of the size 6 and 6.5, and this year, I might just need to get rid of the size 7s, because I think I’m officially a size 7.5 / 8 now.

That means I have to go back to Burlington to check out new shoes that fit!


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