Goodbye, 2017

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Before I start this blog post, I would like to quickly ask this: “How does one pose to show the sleeves?”

As 2017 comes to an end, it gives very little time to look back and reminisce about how the year went. I’m sure we all went through so many different obstacles and hurdles and reached many different milestones. We had our heartbreaks, as well as our triumphs. The memories will be there, but to recall every single aspect of 2017 is a bit of a tough task.

Every new year, we all come up with a list of resolutions that we’re supposed to accomplish before it’s another year. We often make these lists spontaneously, listing the first thing that comes to our mind. More often than not, it usually has to do with “being healthy.” With the holidays comes parties that are usually accompanied by an abundance of food and drinks. People usually start gaining weight come Thanksgiving, and it just continues on into Christmas. Who really wants to be the person in the corner sulking and proclaiming “I’m on a diet” while everybody else is indulging in all the amazing food and/or presents that usually contain chocolates?

But I’m going to be completely honest with everybody. That is not going to be on my resolution list for the year 2018. Yes, I would love to be a smaller size again. The way I was before my pregnancy — even maybe the way I was when I was fresh out of high school, trying to make sure I didn’t gain the “freshman 15” that everybody was discussing at graduation. Instead, I’m going to make my resolutions this:

(1) Start running again —- I completed two half marathons in a 6 month period from 2016 – 2017. I also completed a couple of 10ks and several 5ks. To me, a 5k was considered a fun run. It was something that I would do on a weekend when I had the day off and hey, if I got a medal and a free shirt from it — even better. I was set to run a full marathon this month, but I slacked off on the training and I ended up canceling at the last minute. Honestly, I would love to get back into it again. I would love to start loving running again. Because I actually did like running at one point in time, so I’m sure I can like it again.

(2) Continue with my intermittent fasting —- My husband and I started doing a version of something called intermittent fasting. It’s where you leave a 12hr or a 16hr interval where you don’t ingest anything besides water and the remainder of the 10 or 8 hrs that you have, you can eat whatever you’d like. I mean, there are limits to that. I wouldn’t necessarily eat 5 lbs of chocolate every 30 minutes for 8 hrs just because I can. There’s still a thing called “moderation.” What I like about it is just that — moderation. I don’t “limit” what I eat, and I don’t deprive myself of certain items, so in a way, it’s not really dieting. Because let’s face it, dieting and I don’t really get along well.

With these two resolutions, I think the “losing weight” and “being healthy” will just come hand in hand.

I guess my point is — rather than having a vague resolution, where I know I can easily break, I’ll be more specific in naming the things that I would like to continue or achieve in 2018. That way, I actually know what steps to take specifically to get to where I want to be.

What resolutions or plans do you have for 2018?


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