Look For The Dress

“Look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress.” – Coco Chanel.

I am not a big fan of long dresses or skirts because I feel like it makes me look shorter than I already am. But I was wrong. This dress made me feel the opposite of that. Although, I would have liked for it to be a little bit shorter, but if I wear heels, it’s fine. 

I decided to pair it up with flats when I wore it out though. We were going to the mall, and I try not to wear high heels when I go to the mall. I’ve learned my lesson from past occurrences where I’ve turned into a grump because my feet were hurting so bad — and I had nobody to blame but myself. But I digress. 

Let me get back to the dress. It’s absolutely gorgeous! I mean, what more can I say? Just look at it! 😉

Here are the outfit details:

  • Shoes: Target
  • Dress: Pink Blush
  • Sunglasses: Oscar De La Renta

xoxo, Maggie