LuxBrand Co & Me

OUTFIT DETAILS: Shoes: Juicy Couture w/ Kohls | Jeans: A New Day via Target | Top: Zara | Coat: Forever21 | Sunnies: Charlotte Russe | Belt: Gucci | Bag: Luxbrand

While I do own a few designer handbags, I’ve always been a big fan of affordable ones. I am one of those people who likes to put her purse down anywhere, hang it anywhere, and take it anywhere. Knowing that I spent an arm and a leg on a bag makes it so much more work – mentally and physically – for me. I’d have to constantly remind myself: “Don’t put it there.” or “Don’t stain it.” or “Protect that thing with your life.” So maybe that last one was a bit of an exaggeration, but I think you get the gist.

So when I find a design of a bag that I like, I tend to gravitate towards the more affordable option. For example, this LuxBrand purse cost less than $100 (and if you use my coupon code: MAGGIE20, you get it for even cheaper). It’s well built and surprisingly fits a lot more than it looks. Initially, I had thought that since it’s got a bit of a “flat aspect” when you first look at it that it probably wouldn’t fit everything I carry on a day to day basis. (Believe me, I like to carry everything besides the kitchen sink.) So when it was time to transfer all of my products (my wallet that doubles as a crossbody also, lotion, car keys, make-up, sunglasses, work badge, phone, etc), I was excited when everything fit! The company not only has purses, but they also have a good selection of watches and sunglasses that might just be the right fit for you. So go check out their site when you get the chance!

Oh! And I finally got around to adding the “Shop My Looks” tab up there, which makes it so much easier for y’all to just click in case you want to get the same item I’m wearing. I also include different versions from designer, to high street, to way more affordable — because I know that everybody has different likes.


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