Mommy & Me: Cherry On Top

It’s always fun matching with the little one — while she still lets me. I know that the older they get, the more they want to separate themselves to look for their own identity. I mean, I went through it, so I should know. But right now, I’m milking it with all I’ve got. She still gets excited when she sees that I have something new for us to wear. When I buy certain items, she always tells me, “Look for a matchy one in my size, mommy!” My answer is always the same, “I’ll try MiMi.” (And I usually do find one.) 

It’s not that hard to find matching outfits for mom and daughter online. There are so many different sites out there. The only difference would be the price tag. Some are affordable, while others will set you back quite a bit. And for someone who likes to have multiple matching outfits, I prefer the former. 

These two aren’t from the same place. I had to search several places just to find prints that would match. The colors are still quite a bit off, but I’m glad it was a little close. Most of our mommy and me looks usually consists of me wearing the top and Mia wearing the dress. We’re both happier that way. But since I could only find dresses with this print, I went with it. 

Do you know of any mommy and me sites? Any ideas on what print or style we should try next? 

Here are the outfit details:

On Mia: 
Dress: Sunny Fashion
Shoes: Old Navy

On Me:
Dress: Idealark
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Bag: Zara

xoxo, Maggie