Mommy & Me: Gingham

I remember when the gingham trend went into full swing this year, and I literally searched every store for any gingham items I could find. It didn’t even matter what the color was and if it was a top, skirt, pants, dress, etc. If it was gingham, it was on my radar. Then one of my friends asked me if gingham was plaid. I had to think about it. Is it? I mean, when you look at a plaid top and set it next to a gingtam, the difference shows – but I just couldn’t explain the difference. Gingham started the same way as plaid, but it’s the symmetry that sets it apart from plaid. With plaid, you have overlapping lines that make differently sized squares and rectangles and it can be a multitudinous number of colors. With gingham, it’s symmetrical (squares) and a single color of lines that overlap and creates the checkered pattern. Although, with the trend so popular, I have seen some “gingham releases” that incorporate different colored lines into the item; however, the symmetry is still there.

With that said, I searched high and low for a gingham item for Mia. Finding items for me was a walk in the park. It was as though every store I went into had flashing neon lights that would lead me towards anything with the print. We all know that when it comes to trends, I like to keep the spending to a minimum. Let’s face it — when it comes to anything, I don’t like spending too much money on an item. I have to really love it in order for me to splurge on it. I’ve always been a quantity type of girl when it comes to my clothes + shoes + bags. With Mia’s clothes, I am the same way. It doesn’t help that since she’s a growing girl, some of her pieces get worn a couple of times before she officially outgrows it. So there I was, searching for dresses, tops, skirts – preferably dresses because that’s what she likes to wear — and most of the items that I found where priced above $30. It wasn’t until I came across a store called BFG online (I believe they’re based in China) that I finally found her dress. The only downside is that shipping takes about a month, so Mia and I had to wait a while before we could do our twinning, mommy & me look. And once we finally did, I chose this “breezy” dress from SheIn to match with her. Now, I just need to find a gingham print top for hubs. But that’s not the hardest part – it’s getting him to wear it out to match us that’s challenging.

I can’t help but laugh at the last picture. That’s the beauty of taking pictures with the little ones. When they’re tired of it, they shut down. She was about to shut down. Haha! 

Here are the outfit details:

On Me: 
Shoes: Target
Dress: She In
Bag: Fein&Cici
ShadesThe Style Union

On Mia:
Dress: BFG
Shoes: Old Navy

xoxo, Maggie