Mommy & Me: We’re Blue

“True friends don’t come with conditions.” – Aaron Lauritsen. 

People often say that it’s more fun to have a daughter because you can dress them up and match with them. I say it doesn’t matter what your child is, you can still dress them up to match you if you’d like. See, Mia and I don’t always wear the same prints or matching dresses. Sometimes, we just wear the same color scheme, and sometimes, we don’t even match at all. 

She’s almost 5, and even though I’d like to still dress her up in the clothes that I like, I’ve come to accept the fact that she has a mind of her own and can make her own decisions when it comes to dressing herself. Actually, she started being more verbal with her choice of outfits and clothing items when she was two. At that time, it was just a simple, “I want dresses and skirts.” Then it became, “I want this color and that color.” To: “I don’t like that print.” And I know it won’t be long until she tells me flat out that she doesn’t like what I’ve chosen for her to wear, and I will just have to accept defeat and deal with it. 

But until then, I will continue with the Mommy & Me OOTDs!

Here are the outfit details:

  • Top: Forever 21
  • Pants: Old Navy
  • Shoes: Marc Fisher
  • Bag: Kate Spade
  • Shades: Old Navy

Mia’s outfit details:

  • Dress: VB x Target
  • Shoes: Ross
  • Play Bag: Disney

xoxo, Maggie