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OUTFIT DETAILS: Shoes: Zara | Pants: c/o Curve Appeal | Top: Old Navy | Vest: SheIn | Bag: Michael Kors | Sunnies: Charlotte Russe

How’s everybody’s new year been? I officially went back to work yesterday, and I am currently on Day 2 of 15 today. It’s been a bit busy because we’re still short, and we have someone out on leave as well (starting officially on Monday). So we’re being stretched thin, but I’m just keep on keepin’ on, as they say.

I was finally able to clean out my closet recently. Actually, the whole family cleaned out their closets. My husband put away clothes that didn’t fit him anymore, and I did the same with my daughter’s. My closet was a little bit more extensive because while most of the clothes still fit me, I had to make that dreaded decision that we all make when we have to clean out our closet: “Do you still love it?” and “When was the last time you wore it?” I always have a problem with the latter because while I haven’t worn it in a couple of months (or more), I keep telling myself that I still love it. In reality, how much could you really like a clothing item when you keep passing it up everyday you get dressed for more than a couple of months. That’s 60+ days of you saying, “Eh, I think I’ll pick something else.” Then again, I have pack rat / hoarder tendencies that I get from my dad. But that is not an excuse, so I buckled down and said goodbye to a LOT of items.

With every closet clean out, one would think that because you get to look through all the items you have that you’d be content, but sometimes, that’s just not the case. After the clean out, I realized that I really want a red coat. Why? Because after arranging all my coats, I didn’t see a red one. So now, I am in search of the perfect red coat to add to my coat family. Why is a South Texas girl collecting coats? I have no idea why. Then again, it’s been the coldest winter we’ve had in a while. I mean, it actually snowed this year!

After cleaning out my closet, I also noticed that I’m still missing a few “trendy” items that I’ve always wanted to try, and that’s where SheIn comes in. The yellow vest that I’m wearing is only $23. It’s a fun trend to try without breaking the bank, and it’s really nice quality. Now I know what you’re thinking. You’ve probably seen all those videos and blog entries where a person orders something from a similar site and the item arrives completely different. So I’ll be completely honest with you. Has everything that I’ve bought from SheIn fit me perfectly? No. Do I actually take note of the measurements that they list on their site? No. They have measurements on their site that can help the buyer choose the correct size. They also have reviews that people have posted, and some even post their pictures with a description of what size they normally wear and what size they bought from SheIn . And guess what? They even have plus sizes now! It’s perfect for us girls who are in limbo. What do I mean? Well, sometimes I fit into the L/XL sizes from SheIn and sometimes, I don’t. So after looking at the review and seeing if an item is unusually smaller than the norm, I’ll see if it’s available in the plus size section and purchase it from there.

Other tidbits? The shipping is usually pretty good. I’ve had one instance when it took more than 2 weeks, but it was only because one of my items became out of stock, and they were waiting for production. My only gripe is that they didn’t inform me, and I actually had to follow up before I was given the information. But once that was cleared up, I was given the choice of getting store credit if I didn’t want to wait for that item so they could finally ship my order or wait for the item to be ready. Most of the things that I purchase on SheIn are trendy, non-urgent items, so I opted to wait until the complete order was ready to ship. The return issue? I’m not too sure. I’ve never had to return anything. There have been a few items that didn’t fit me that well, but I always found another home for them, so I didn’t try to send them back. I mean, the items are so affordable that it didn’t bother me too much if the $7 dress that I bought went to my smaller sized niece.

If you have any questions about SheIn, feel free to contact me, and I’ll be happy to answer questions and assist with things that I am knowledgeable about.


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