Unmellow Yellow

OUTFIT DETAILS: Shoes: Style Union | Jeans: Macy’s | Top: Old Navy | Bag: Who What Wear w/ Target | Earrings: Sugarfix w/ Target

ON MIA: Shoes: Nordstrom Rack | Skirt: Gifted | Sweater: Baby Gap

If you followed me on Chictopia years ago, you would know that I was once obsessed with colors. Not only that, my repertoire included skirts — a lot of them. I had an aversion to jeans. My mom would often tell me that I looked good in jeans and that it would accentuate what she thought was my best asset — my booty. However, I had other thoughts in mind. Jeans would also accentuate the one thing my brother liked to make fun of — my “thunder thighs.” I thought that by wearing a skirt, it would hide my thighs.

Fast forward to the present time.

I now have a strong dislike for colors. Well, dislike is a bit of a strong word — I prefer to wear neutrals such as black, white, and gray now.  Before, if someone put one pink and one black skirt in front of me and told me I had to pick within 2 seconds — it was no contest. I would grab the pink one in a heartbeat. Now, I will grab the black one without hesitation.

After I did my closet clean out early this year, I gave away a lot of colorful clothing. Then, I gave away some more in June. But I’m starting to bring them back into rotation again – especially colors that I’ve grown to love. Before, I wouldn’t care if my closet looked like a rainbow. For example, tank tops. I had one in every color. Lime green? I had it. It didn’t matter that I never really wore it. I just had it “in case” I was going to need a lime green tank top. For reasons unknown to me, I might need a tank in that specific color. Oh boy.

When I saw this top at Old Navy, the color definitely caught my attention. It also helped that it’s velvet, and it helped that it was the last one on the rack at the time. I have this thing where if it’s the last one, I feel like I’m going to regret not getting it because then it’ll be gone. (But we’ll discuss that at another time.)

So with a bright top like this one, I decided to keep everything else black.

I mean, I already stand out with the mustard top. I probably shouldn’t add anything else.

But if you had asked Chictopia Maggie to style this one, I probably would’ve color-blocked it with another colorful skirt. 😉